Rates / T&C's

Our Service is simple but has conditions
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Loan Rates

We Currently Offer four Loan amounts over four Time Periods, payable in a 1 Lump repayment or weekly which ever you pick the interest required won't change. You decide!

Collateral Required is the "Loan Amount" + "Loan Cost" e.g a 1,000M Loan would require 1,040M Collateral

1 Week

Cost of 1,000M : 40M (4%)
Cost of 3,000M : 120M (4%)
Cost of 5,000M : 190M (3.8%)
Cost of 10,000M : 300M (3%)

2 Week

Cost of 1,000M : 45M (4.5%)
Cost of 3,000M : 150M (5%)
Cost of 5,000M : 240M (4.25%)
Cost of 10,000M : 375M (3.75%)

3 Week

Cost of 1,000M : 50M (5%)
Cost of 3,000M : 170M (5.6%)
Cost of 5,000M : 260M (4.8%)
Cost of 10,000M : 450M (4.5%)

4 Week

Cost of 1,000M : 55M (5.5%)
Cost of 3,000M : 190M (6.3%)
Cost of 5,000M : 300M (6%)
Cost of 10,000M : 525M (5.25%)

Terms and Conditions

Read below important information, if you’re planning to steal from us, you will find the below information covers us in all aspects, as well as protecting you from loss of ISK

1. The Loan will be provided Via Contract by the User Requesting the ISK via our instructions following the application process

2. “ISKLOANS” reserves the right to deny the Borrower the ISK requested if the collateral proof provided in the evepraisal link differentiates from the assets provided in the contract.

2a. We do not accept officer modules as collateral

3. The ISK will be loaned for the selected amount of time by the borrowers application. Once we have accepted your request to borrow and the repayment of the loan is through a one lump repayment and we have accepted your contract in game, we will remake this contract back to you with the interest added and expiration date will be set to the borrow time. If this expires the agreement will be void and you will lose your collateral. You will keep whatever isk you have left.

3a. One lump repayments must be paid in one lump, not in multiples over the loan duration. Do not send us ISK via transfer.

4. If you're set to repay on a weekly basis, you will be provided, via your approval confirmation email, the repayment dates and amount per date. During this time your collateral will be held safely in your own container in our hanger. If you miss any repayments your loan will be invalidated your assets will be sold and you will receive a payment from us to give back what you already paid

5. The Borrower reserves the right to request an extension on the loan, however this is not guaranteed and if accepted will be subject to further interest based on the initial loan

6. Borrowers will receive an email confirmation of the loan being accepted by us with instruction on how to proceed, along with 3 day warning and 24 hour warning to repay the loan.