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We currently offer four loan amounts over four time periods, payable in a 1 Lump repayment or weekly which ever you pick the interest required won't change. You decide!

How much collateral should I provide?

When applying for the loan, select the amount you'd like to borrow along with the repayment type and loan duration, press calculate and it will display the total cost of the loan. The collateral should be to the TOTAL value of the loan this include the interest. Your collateral will of course end up being more valuable that the loan, not a problem read the FAQ below.

My Collateral Provided is much more valuable than the Loan....

In 100% of our loans the collateral provided will be more valuable than the loan + interest, to make sure you do not lose more money than necessary if you default on the loan, when your assets are sold, if you default, you will of course keep the ISK we gave you and we will give you the extra ISK that your assets where worth. e.g You provided 2bn collateral for a 1bn isk loan, we will make sure if you default that you get the additional 1bn your collateral was worth sent back to you.

Will you run away with my Collateral?

Of course not, the collateral is only worth slightly more than the loan itself, we are not here to steal 100M ISK from a single player before our reputation is irreversibly destroyedhere".

How do I get the ISK?

Goto our application page and fill out the form “here”. We suggest you read the how it works page first though. "here".

I have sent the application, what now?

Our Loan director will review your application and send you an ingame confirmation email to approve or deny your request. The mail will have instructions on how begin the loan along with repayment details and links to our terms and conditions if you may require a reminder.

Are there any hidden costs


What is the admin for?

This is to cover our time adding you to our database along with processing your assets into safe storage.

What happens to my assets during the Lump Sum loan?

Nothing, we will immediately contract your assets back to you for the price of the loan + interest, the contract timer will be set to the loan duration you accepted, if you accept the contract the loan process will be completed. When the contract/loan expires due to not being completed your assets will be processed to reclaim the ISK borrowed.

What happens to my assets during the weekly repayments loan?

We will store your assets in our own corporation password protected secure container hangers, ships will be stored in our secure hanger. At the end of the contract we will contract your assets back to you if you succeed in paying back all payments on time

What happens if I fail to Repay a Lump Sum Loan

You will keep this isk and we will sell your collateral provided. We will email you 3 days before repayment and 24 hours before.

What happens if I miss a Weekly payment?

Not a problem, as such, the money you've paid so far will be sent back to you and we will sell your collateral to make back the ISK we lent to you in the loan.

I am struggling to repay my Lump Sum loan back, help!

No problem, yet. Please send an Ingame mail to “Alena Makhova”, explaining your situation and your estimated repayment time, and your extension will go under review. Extensions might be subjected to further costs.

Can I become and investor for “ISKLOANS”?

Short Answer, NO. We will open the business to applications to be an investor and will only accept small amounts 1/2/3 people at a time. We are growing the business slowly to avoid complications due to rapid expansion and to protect our investors money.

Who Can Apply for a loan?

Anybody :)