Borrow ISK today!

We are ISKLOANS a service to provide capsuleers with access to large amounts of isk on short notice to help you purchase that ship you’ve always wanted sooner than you planned. Or fit the ship you’ve always want, purchase ore for a planned building project, maybe to trade with? Whatever the use we are happy to assist you.

It's Easy

Simple Apply for a Loan, once accepted, send us a contract to the amount you want to borrow and in exchange put into the contract the assets/collateral that you want to put up for it.


If you wish to take out a loan we provided 1 lump repayments along with repaying weekly, you decide the loan you want to take. Please view our Applypage.


Apply, and provide an evepraisal link to us via our apply page showing the collateral you will provide for the loan to the amount of the loan + interest. Following a review of your application, we will ask you to contract the collateral in exchange for the loan value.


For a Lump Sum we will immediately contract your assets back to you for the cost of the loan + interest which you can accept at anytime before the contract/loan expires, if you're paying weekly, we will hold onto your assets until your last repayment is due.